Thursday, November 12, 2009

the south

and look forward to ireland we did. all the way to the security check point we waited excitedly, anticipating the joys and greenery of ireland. once we were told, though, that our tickets were for the day prior, we were not feeling such singular emotions anymore. they fragmented into disbelief, anger, hunger, anger and a feeling at a loss as to what to do with this big blank week in our schedule (Melissa, however, was not angry, so much as sad and disappointed in herself. Because, it was, after all, her fault- flight number 21 on the 20th was written into our calendar on the 21st. A simple simpleton's mistake.). we found our way back to london and set up camp at leo's house. our week in not-ireland lead us to more museums, skateparks and new streets and neighborhoods to explore. finally it lead us to the south. the direct south, to brighton. london by the sea. like a santa cruz/long beach mash up, if both those places had little pebbles instead of sand and if those places were a few hundred years older with beautiful narrow streets that you could wander about in and get lost. brighton is like a big couch, its been said, and we agree. once we sat down, it was hard to get up and get back to london. our time there, though, was like sitting on a big couch in an overwhelming cloud of smoke. morning noon and night, sitting on a big couch in a big smoke cloud. our hosts were responsible for that cloud, but they were also responsible for showing us amazing hospitality; whether it be folding dozens of paper cranes in a pub that slung amazing...AMAZING thai food, eating poached eggs from their kitchen (or....toast, for melissa), watching a growly stompy blues guitarist in a sweaty cramped pub, whilst sipping stawberry beers (strawbeery goodness! like a smoothie, with a kick!), or enjoying the sunlight and warmth on those pebbly beaches, they were quite the crew of kind and welcoming and interesting souls. at the paper crane making gala, i noticed a flyer for a show the next night. after reckless consideration, we decided we could in fact foot the bill for the show, if it hadnt sold out yet. upon arrival the next night, though, we had second thoughts about footing that bill and decided to just sit outside the venue and listen, watching the sea. it so happened that there was an opening in the drapery near the stage, so we watched and heard tinariwen for free. here is the south, in pictures.

but first, a slice of life from the week of non-ireland.

on the ride home, feeling stoooopid

saw where friedrich lived

and found the museum of everything!

(i had to poach these photos. couldnt help it)

nek chand

alexandre lobanov

augustin lesage!!!

and leo by the part time residence of a certain lady

and then there was....


mists fell fast and heavy.

tinariwen through one of our peep holes.

(ranulph) gettin weird

impact pebbles

hove huts



Fruits of the Forest said...

Brighton Pavillion! Did you get to go inside, it is crazy in there

theincrediblepurp said...

that beach rules. did you see the old burned down pier?

theincrediblepurp said...

oh, of course you did. it's in the picture of ted on the beach.

rebecca said...

Bummer man sorry you guys missed Ireland.. don't worry it's just a bunch of short people anyway so it's like spending time with me and Darren which you did already. But seriously have fun in Spain and Africa! We will be there in the beginning of January! Candy selling break greatly needed. Call us back when you get back so we can say hello before you leave!