Monday, November 9, 2009


again, finding our way through victoria station to board a bus elsewhere. this time to cambridge. the traffic getting anywhere in london (or out of london) is immense and patience testing. once we breached the outer wall of this dense population, it was smooth driving all the way into the heart of the lush and incredibly old confines of cambridge. the ever refreshing and inspiringly kind, becca and darren (melissa's friends from way back, mine from not so way back)found their way to us, on a non-descript edge of christ's pieces (yes, a park named christ's pieces). from there, becca and darren led us about the quiet, ancient and bicycle friendly streets of their new home away from home. we visited a church turned cafe, a church that has remained such for the past thousand years, many many pubs (darren has a mission to visit them all, he even keeps a journal of the pub and the experience/quality thereof), the river cam (punting! so beautiful about the backs of cambridge. darren was a natural, the rest of us not so much. it was incredibly stressful not going in any one direction for very long, being turned about by the other boats ramming into us, etc). also, we attended a service by the king's choir and it was absolutely stunning. even though its the most tourist laden church service of cambridge, and even though people talked through the service, an overwhelming sense of awe, stillness and reverence resounded in our hearts and minds long afterward. incredible town and people to be surrounded by, for an all too short amount of time. with clown themed eateries, the orchard and watching every episode of trapped in a closet behind us, we returned to christ's pieces and were back to the south of london in no time (well, a lot of time. the traffic never seems to let up), looking forward to ireland, a few days later.

punting challenged

clowns (eeeek)

the orchard!

also. beckett-ish guitar playing on the streets of cambridge. beautiful acoustics, somehow.

and mr. cave has a new novel. and is looking dashing...


Anonymous said...

Ohh, cambridge, fancy fancy!
And Justin just finished Nick Cave's book! He said it was good, and quite filthy :)

theincrediblepurp said...

Aw man, I am so bummed I'm not gonna see you guys!, I fly to frankfurt in 48 hours. but wont be in london till the 21st. We shall have to catch up in the states when you guys finally descend on a location.
your friend

ps. got our commish yesterday.

rebecca said...

You two are the funnest ever. We should plan a trip to London Town when you are still around. Give us a call!
Oh and that clown picture just made my day.

J. Koonce said...

jeez your blog is good.