Friday, November 6, 2009

remember remember

guy fawkes plotting to blow up the houses of parliament and all the protestant aristocracy therein. remember guy fawkes filling the space underneath the house of lords with barrel after barrel of gunpowder, seething with hatred for james the first. remember guy's stash of 36 barrels of gunpowder being discovered just hours before they were to explode and guy being subsequently tortured excessively (hung, gutted, quartered, etc) for his plot almost carried out. remember children burning effigies of guy since then. finally, remember the 5th of november (because it was only two days ago and it is much easier to remember it than the rest of the things we have to congure up for the catch-up blog (yet promised but not delivered), which are slowly being sifted out of our long term memory...falling through the cracks), melissa and i close to the very tip of cornwall, the most westerly point of britiain, meeting up with newly befriended couchsurfing host rob, who offered to take us to "somewhere close where we can get a cup of tea." this place turns out to be a 450 year old home, thatch roof and all, where a friend of rob's family has been living for quite some time now. tea, indeed, but also we heard myriad stories of these new friends (the ones living in the centuries old establishment) and their past jobs (which included work for the bbc, as well as other documentarian filmic enterprises (yes, i am making up words to properly express excitement over these lovely middle aged hippie wunderkinds)including filming surgeries (which did include stories of filming knuckle and colon reconstruction) and nature and so on) many parenthesis back there, sorry... from tea and stories we retired to the garden to watch an elegant fireworks display to celebrate our guy being killed. happy fifth of novemebr, it is now the 7th and london is brilliantly (and surprisingly) sunny. time to get out of the blogosphere, be back soon...

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