Saturday, February 6, 2010

Poster Tour Part Two (Part One)

"So. . . Uh. . . Do you, like, drive this stuff around to different colleges all over america?"
"Whoa, That is sooooo cool!"

Poster Tour, 2010. A brave new decade:

We headed south, for the blessed promise of a southern tour. Alas, the big freeze followed us down. pulling off the road somewhere in virginia, to see the mythical "natural bridge", we instead were drawn, first, to a dinosaur on a billboard (almost getting our tons of posters and truck stuck in a snow bank)

and then to a dilapidated building (where i did indeed get the truck stuck on a snow bank.)

i tried, pathetically, to hack and scoop away the snow with our provided ice scraper. after breaking said scraper somewhat, i was out of ideas. some Norweigan/Minnesotans came to our rescue, wielding proudly and excitedly a shovel that they had brought with them on their tour of the "warmer" states (i guess 25 degrees beats whatever it is in minnesota).

Frozen fountain in Atlanta.

Getting up before the sun does.

I'm subtle, subtle like a t-rex, and I haven't even started yet. One week of the road and I'm already wrecked. I don't know what city I'm in. . .

We often hurt one another's feelings on poster tour,

And so, we have to come up with more creative ways to apologize.

And better ways to use the carts. . .

Not all sponsors are bad.
In fact, some sponsors remember what your favorite morning beverage is after having already treated you to one the previous day, and then they proceed to buy you lunch, and send you off to your next school with a bag full of vegan treats, water bottles, and naked juice. . .

So what do you eat when YOU'RE on poster tour, hmmmm?? (that dinner/lunch and dinner the next day, simmering in our trusty skillet was a home made lentil soup).

In Texas they take "Free Hot Breakfast" to the next level.

Any chance he can get. . .

I must have had to nod my head at at least six "One more time!"s before he pulled this one off. Even the (plug wearing/peace sign throwing) kid working in the gas station said on the loud speaker, "You'll never be able to do it." whilst Ted was making his attempts. But then he proved us all wrong.

Ted likes to take many, many Product Shots. . .

What we do when we aren't slinging posters:

Behind the scenes at Cafe Campesino
Americus, GA

Koinonia Farm

Americus, GA

Pit stop at the End of the Line Cafe!!!
Pensacola, FL
Ceasar Salad

Rueben (with home made cashew cheese!)

And a stop for gasoline. . .
apparently, charles bronson services gas pumps in the panhandle of florida nowadays.

Ted made many attempts, while driving, at photographing the St. Charles Street Car (The oldest continuously operating street railway system in the world! Every car is a historical landmark.)
New Orleans, LA

House along St. Charles street. We drove this amazingly beautiful stretch of road every morning for a week.

Ted made me shoot things out of the window while he drove us down to the Bayou.

To go see Kenny Hill's Sculpture Garden
Chauvin, LA

Ted had beniets at Cafe du Monde.
New Orleans, LA

We trudged through a lot of mud. . .

For a very long time. . .

To see the work of Charlie Stagg.
Vidor, TX

Charlie felt bad for us having trekked through the mud,

So he let us in.

We went to Austin, TX, where Linds spoiled us rotten. She treated us to dinner at Kirby Lane, and let us stay in her lovely home.

The next morning our friends from Cornwall, Sharmilla and Ingo, met up with us and we all went to breakfast at Jo's.

Sharmilla and Ingo documenting for their blog (Which is amazing, by the way. It tells their tale of a road trip across America as seen through European eyes, and it's loaded with lots of hot tips we never would have thought of).

Then we all headed over to the Cathedral of Junk.

Shot lots of silly photos (my skull, dude!!!?)

Although, Linds is a real pro, and everything she shoots is lovely.

And we even had the honor of chatting it up with the Junk King himself.

And then we had dinner at Casa de Luz (mmmmmmmm!!!!)

Early the next morning, Sharmilla set up the camera,

And we took one last group photo before we parted ways with our dear English friends.

Linds treated us to burritos at Freebirds for our final meal in Austin.

She whipped up an adorable dog in a jiffy with her tin foil,

While Ted made a tin foil television and I made a teeny tiny chair.

Per the recommendation of a poster purchasing student, whom, unless her button was lying, "Hearts Vegan Boys", we went to Spiral Diner
Fort Worth, TX

Mate, agave and a dash of soy, we had missed you so much. . .

A big texas salad,

Nachos Supreme,

Aaaaaand, a mudslide (That's right, a hot freshly made brownie topped with homemade vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, hot fudge and nuts)!

The Spiral did not disappoint.
We gorged.

I swooned.

And Ted tried to keep it down and add some more after I threw in the towel.

We then headed deeper into the heart of Texas...