Wednesday, September 16, 2009

poster tourage

pulling hundreds of pounds of posters (big, floppy, heavy piles of wood) and miscellany up a steep ramp, we had our first sale. amazing how excited kids get about it all. too many quotes overheard to notate. kansas city was beautiful and inviting. we explored its culinary offerings, ending up in the basement of a unitarian church, eating chik-un fried tempeh and greens and such.

the sale ended in a few days (nothing too note worthy. although, on the way out of town, we stopped by a place we were hoping to drop off our bi-weekly ups package off at, and we ended up exploring a mine shaft, cave thing turned storage facility owned by the owner of the new england patriots. somewhat nerve racking guiding our ryder truck about in there) and so, we traversed missouri's girth yet again, stopping at the same taco bell and arriving back in st. louis with resolve to explore the city museum.
(ryder truck in said cave thing)

(the city museum's exterior. it used to be a shoe/shoelace factory)

our memories combined of the city museum didnt do it justice. especially now that they have the roof open. theres a bus hanging off of it, and even a ferris wheel (that the dood running it said gets going too fast to stop sometimes, he just has to wait it out. he told us after we got off). i feel like there were areas i didnt get to explore last summer, in the six plus hours i spent there. we both got giddy/glassy eyed, ran aimlessly about, crawled up and over and through everything and its all beyond words so i will revert to pictures.

(i-melissa-couldn't get enough of these dead skin cell sucking fish. if only we had more time, those fish could have restored my hands to baby softness.)

after st. louis we headed a bit south, to cape girardeau, mo. stay tuned.

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