Monday, September 14, 2009

poster toooring

a few hours of sleep, and we were on the way to kentucky. morehead kentucky to be precise.
(the morehead beercave!)

(melissa wants to know what a beer cave is. . .anyone have a clue?)
we were the helper team for two lovely gentlemen at their sale for a few days before embarking on our own sale. the sale went well, it seems, for two said lovelies. quote of the sale (that i can remember. melissa and i wanted to keep a journal of the insane things people say at the sales, but it is too overwhelming), in response to the kiss (the scummy tatu version, not the kilmt one, but we also do carry the klimt one, in poster, postcard, and shower curtain form)"this is perfect! its small enough that i can take it down easily when my parents come over, cause, you know....they arent into that gay stuff." small town kentucky charm, calzones as big as our heads (i took a photo of them with my phone, im too inept to get them from my phone onto my computer. also taken with my cameraphone during this sale: a guy wearing a yoda backpack. it looked like yoda was riding on his back. i probably scared him a bit by how excited i was about it. also, a pink chevy geo with a unicorn painted on the hood) and late nights getting everything re-organized from our maryland truck swap debacle. the next day we hurried to get to lexington (to see the ever lovely roy harrison, pictured below, twice!)

louisville (to skateboard and try and miraculously run into friends we dont have phone numbers for)and finally to st. louis to go to the city museum, but alas, they arent open till 2am every nite. we spent time walking about downtown, instead. snuggled some bunnies and took in the mighty mississippi.
(snugglin' bunnies)

the next day we traversed the girth of missouri, ate at taco bell for the first time in years and arrived in kansas city, ready for the first sale of our season.

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