Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Clothers (minus one Fin)

A little while ago we met up with our dear friends, the Clothers, in Santa Barbara. They were visiting from Portland, for the opening of Chris' show at Westmont.

(The lady in yellow is a close friend of the Clothers, and the curator of this show.)

(A piece of work)

(The man, the myth, the legend)

After seeing Chris' work through plexiglass lenses, we ventured (the long way - getting very, very lost) to get our first taste of Chumash cave paintings.

Then we all went to the Ellwood Butterfly Preserve. . .

and to the nearby coast, for a special ceremony for Sir Simon. . .

and then Chris and Ted learned how to fly.

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RVCA Deanna Templeton said...

You two live the most amazing life!! Hope to see you soon! and thanks for the kind words on my site!!!