Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Alis volat propriis

the drive further north was amazing in its scenery and road curvature. along the smallish mountain roads linking our coastal curves to the I-5 mainline we came face to face with a world of BURLS!

(melissa sittin pretty beneath the tree house/burl workshop)

(it was indeed...)

(further into oregon, we trolled about eugene for animal-less dining and stumbled upon a veritable cornucopia of unique, down home sustanance. the cornbread cafe. one of the best places we've eaten, hands down).

(crotch-chocolate. vegan marshmallows to boot!)

(the cafe itself. genius meal crafting in a tiny trailer).

(approaching portland as the sun set, i forced our trajectory into the country-side in hopes of fulfilling the northwestern promise of concrete skatepark alchemy. the town of donald (population 600) contains a lovely pool which i insisted on skating until i couldnt see anything...timid carve over the light, under the coping. just the beginning of northwestern skatepark intimidation).

(king diamond approved, nonetheless)

(eventually, after navigating the remaining distance between donald and portland, we found a warm welcome at the home of the french. the next day we met the newest addition the clother family. young simon is beautiful and a very pleasant little man {and holds a very special place in our hearts and prayers}. he cuddled the knit whale for a good while).

(mt. tabor park! french! clother!)

(finley. the other triumph of clother progeny. he loved holding the handle of this thing as i ran with him back and forth and back and forth. uninhibited screams of joy. so good to hang out with him).

(chris in first, myste second and moi third out of three).

(no, i didnt buy anything...what?).

(rigorous clother jump training).

(and then the rains came. so consistent for the rest of our stay. not much else to do but eat donuts. we ventured to voodoo donuts for the first leg of our northwestern donut tour. pictured below is the old dirty bastard (melissa consumed the vegan version). russell jones was comprised of a glazed donut topped with oreo bits sprinkled atop with drizzles of peanut butter to finish it all off. two other circular sugar gut bombs accompanied russell down into m'stomach).

(finley approved)

(as did melissa's finger).

(as mentioned in the last post, we adopted a no-pictures-of-gracious-hosts policy for the majority of this trip. nich and lindsey, our other gracious hosts of portland, are therefore presented as the following...
a much younger nich, meeting none other than ken kesey

and lindsey, as penelope, basking in a rare sun ray).

(found m'likeness, to m'liking).

(jon and rachel, leaving their mark...)

(the last night in portland, we had the pleasure of visiting mr. and mrs. dehaan in their north portland homestead. i think its north portland...jon was having a birthday bash but still found time to show melissa and i his basement shrine of amplifiers and guitars and homebrews...)

(jon, myself and 13.5 percent dandelion wiiiiiine. so good)

and just like THAT, we left the rainy confines of portland for the sure to be rainier confines found further north. thus endeth the portland chapter, ended in real life a lot of months ago. stay tuned for chapter three.

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Jordan said...

Avid reader here....

You WOULD like wine made from dandelions.... We would like to head north this summer but finances probably won't allow. Mi c├ímara fue robada....¡que mierda! So I want to buy a new one this verano. See you in a few semanas.