Monday, March 15, 2010

jack rose, rowland s. howard, j.d. salinger and now mark linkous. twenty ten has already taken its fair share, indeed. great thinkers, seers and artists all...and so we plunge further into this new decade, faster than the speed of BLOG, we apologize for our pace. we are gathering the energy (and pictures) necessary to let you in on the new phases of life, but in the meantime, go here and keep an eye on any new developments. and then watch rowland , with the rest of the birthday party. mmmmmmmm.


supaswag said...

'EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLOOOOO!!! What's up posterboy & postergirl? I'll read your last 10 posts now. Hope you are very very well : )

Greetings from Cornwall,

ps: I handed my notice in & we're moving to Bristol in 3 month

Margaret said...

Reading your last few posts:) We're so happy you guys came and stayed for a few nights!