Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home

And then we were back in California for a month.
It was good. It was busy. It went fast. It was fun.

It included a trip to Tahoe with the Tragers.

Family holiday shinanigans.

(Immersion blender! Can you say, Hello soup season?!)

(This year's Christmas Creative Craft assignment was wreath making. Ted painted up an old board for Michael [my cousin's skateboard obsessed boyfriend] and I made an onion wreath with a bow of onion recipes for my onion loving cousin)

(I brought Christmas Crackers and brussel sprouts to Ted's family's Christmas Eve dinner. It's safe to say that England had its effect on me.)

A nature walk by the pacific

(Stick Stache)

(Tree Holder)

(the sun setting on 2009)

Ringing in the new year with games and vegan sweet treats.

(mmmmm, vegan caramel)

(fast hands, with overlord templeton studying technique)

(cheers! new years!)

(the crew)

(puttin a small dent in the temptster firework stockade)

after the intensities/niceties/and lovelies of our brief time home, we arranged a last hurrah trip to the museum of Jurassic technology. it wasnt everything i thought it was going to be, but it was definitely more. for sure. the less you know about this place before you go, the better. but, be sure and go, if you find yourself in culver city.

With the new year still brand new, our money run out, our time up, it was time to be off for another poster tour. . . of "we are never going to do THAT again" fame.

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owl and peacock : melina said...

You're kidding me. Wreath skateboard deck and onion wreath?
I sort of dislike you two for being so damn creative.