Monday, October 12, 2009

"theres so much left to know....

...but (we're) on the road to find out." -yusuf islam.

(waiting at lax after just finishing freaks and geeks. anybody else bummed on the ending? specifically on lindsey?)
a week at home and we resumed the search. across the pond, oscillating between viewing the hangover a second time (i couldnt resist/look away), watching our little animated plane creeping its way east across a few continents, and fighting the nausea that sets in in when involved in this sort of thing.

(hour nine and a half or so. iceland and faroe, descending upon the british isles)
a strong tail wind, perhaps, brought us into heathrow an hour early, which we then spent on the tarmac. aching, staring, waiting, we finally dis boarded on said tarmac, greeted by the early morning greys of a much awaited english sky. customs cleared somehow("a printed itinerary? no, its all up here" melissa motions to her head...) and soon enough we joined the morning rush into central london, wavering in the densely populated cars of the piccadilly line. the rest of the marathon not-sleeping-so-as-not-to-completely-crumble-under-jetlag day was spent meandering about notting hill and then finally finding rest at around eight thirty. the next morning, we found the way to a lovely veggie, full english breakfast (thanks to our gracious host nate rose) and then to the southwest to enjoy the company of friends and pizza (took the delivery boy an hour to locate us) in the ever lovely and vast environs of richmond park.

(leo and richmond park and STRENGTH)

(andrew and and richmond park and STYLE)
day three aboard this isle, we began the slow process of patronizing the myriad art galleries of london has to offer. the royal academy of art was our first stop. anish kapoor has deployed quite the show in those halls, on those walls and through those doorways.

(had to sneak the fotos, so those up top are about it. go here for more).
leaving with the euphoria of stimulated art nodes, we proceeded to eat something i couldnt find at all the last time i was here: burritos. now, there are some voices of dissent, but benitos hat on goodge street does sling some mighty fine burritos, especially since it seems to be one of a kind (maybe not. but close to it)among the bangers and black pudding. following up burrito feed, we made our way (eventually, meandering) to the east end for taco party. leo hosted this event, and twenty four tacos later, we were ready to ride the bus for nine hours the next day to glasgow.
(p.s. after learning a bit more about kapoor's work, he is none other than the creator of "cloud gate" or the bean, in lovely downtown chicago. ha).
(p.p.s. below, you will find the only photot i, ted, took on poster tour).


myste said...

richmond park! how i love and miss my old backyard!

theincrediblepurp said...

Ted, I love the picture you took of luggage man. He's awesome!!!