Sunday, August 23, 2009


the further away from all this we get, the fuzzier the details (like always). im having to look back in my calender (i guess the previous post on this blog would work fine, too)to see what preceded all this and what came after. the planner says new orleans, but what i remember, from this, the seventeenth day on the road, is driving endlessly, stopping breifly to see this:

the beer can house. we went on a whim, guided by snippets read on the internet. beautiful in the late afternoon, beer cans from beers that are no longer made. the whole house covered, even the planters out front. unfortunately, it was well closed when we arrived, so we peeked around, leaned over stuff with our cameras, etc. the tops of the cans cut off and then made into large wind chimes that made amazing sounds in the slight wind that moved them. the mood of this short detour of manic/obsessive art proved beautiful and shinning still in my memory in an otherwise rapidly blurring drive from the gulf coast into the heart of texas.

we arrived late, as always, into the loving bosom our couchsurfing host. loving bosom in the truest sense. huge blow up matress and obese cats to snuggle.
the next day began at the spider house, breakfast tacos for me and coffee coffee coffee for melissa. the cathedral of junk followed shortly thereafter.

(people this tiny shouldn't need to ride a bike going nowhere, nor do they need to stay/get trim.-melissa)

more amazingly obsessive art work to explore. this sort of thing seems like it should become old, tired, boring, blase, but it is still quite invigorating to walk in and around and on top of large piles of discarded materials. they serve as museums of antiquity and obsolescence as well as reminders of the trail of rubbish that the blind reaching and straining for newness and efficiency of technological progress leaves behind. the cathedral of junk placed this reality well before our hearts and minds, as naked and raw as it could be displayed. it was rather fun to play amongst the rubbish, though. climbing many stories on it and taking in south austin from the top of it. from the cathedral, we walked about, thankful for the dry heat, found a hippie food truck on the side of the road (they seem to abound in austin) to feast on superfood smoothies (and the dood even slipped me some raw goats milk. it ruled). from there, we made our way, on the sunny side of the street, to barton springs. (I nearly died of heatstroke and had visions of Ted carting my carcass back to California. My parents would have killed him.-m)

oh barton springs. you are so refreshing. we love you.
from there, it was on to casa de luz. a house of light, indeed.
($12, no tips accepted, bottomless teas, full course meal, double servings of everything??? My heart could hardly stand it (nor my stomach). Good thing we walked.-m)

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