Monday, July 20, 2009

two, three, four.

toronto. literally the smallest apartment ever we gained full reign over, given the key to this domicile the night before, under the mat. complete strangers this man let sleep in his bathroom sized efficiency hub of an apartment. apparently, we came upon toronto in the middle of a trash strike, and yet the streets remained cleaner than our old neighborhood in chicago will ever be. it was disconcerting seeing trash overflowing onto the street and napkins and wrappers being whipped about by the breeze, though, considering my exaulted view of the true north (strong and free) stemming mainly from the amazing ability of its citizens to place trash in a trash can. our mysterious benefactor became less so after a breakfast and city stroll that placed us well behind schedule for getting to montreal on time. slowly, everything to read, had to be read in french. we found our way through the rues and arrived not on time at all. montreal, and quebec in general, the french texas of the north. seperatists in the truest sense. i'm thankful for the impressive linguistic acrobatics of the people we stayed with. even the stop signs were in french...our poor time management, due both to the enchanting quality of montreal

as well as my unrelenting search for "the big o"

and subsequent "poutine" (french-canadian delicacy of the highest order: french fries with cheese curds and gravy)

led to a very pretty turned terrifying drive through vermont/new hampshire/maine.
our late departure ensured we hit new hampshire in the dark. the very dark. the dark in which i almost hit a baby black bear, a few deer and some foxes. cresting every hill, there would seem to be an animal in the middle of the road, but it would almost always turn out to be just a very dark shadow. like mirages, but night mirages. instead of projecting pools of water on the horizon, the night mirages were projecting animals i would surely kill. we arrived in bar harbor, maine (on the same island as acadia naitonal park) at two a.m. and were met with a large pillar of smoke as we entered the home in whose couch we would surf for the next two nights. dreads, so much grateful dead....none of this disturbed the sound sleep we soon enjoyed.


melina: said...

ohmygoodness! Ted! Melissa! It's Melina and oh! I'm so very missing you and so very jealous of you, but I'll be completely honest and say that I'm mostly jealous of the poutine! I had my first at a bar here, yes, here, the other day in Chicago! Probably not as good as yours, but it was still pretty much inhaled and buried into my tummy. Isn't Montreal/New England the best???! *sigh* want to move there asap, I think. Only think, never know, I'm so predictable. Or am I? Chicago has been cold, in the 50s even. Pitchfork was the weekend, I didn't go, I'm not one for big outdoor festivus festivals, but it invaded the town nevertheless... OHMYGOD I HAVE WRITTEN ALL THIS AND HAVEN"T EVEN TOLD YOU THE MOST EXCITING THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME! It's so exciting I even wrote in capslock, and I HATE capslock! So Justin was going to surprise me for my birthday, and he wouldn't tell me what it was, and said "just come over at 7". So I did, and he's there with his roommate, and his roommate is talking to some girl with her back to me, and he says "Melina, would you like to meet my friend?" and she turns and it's SARAH! Sarah! My best friend I always talked about who lives in LA now! And I freaked out to the point I was crying and mascara made a mess of everything, but it was so great, Justin and Sarah had been facebook messaging for MONTHS, scheming it out! They even didn't befriend eachother because they thought that might give it away, which I have no idea how that would be, but different story altogether. Pretty crazy! She just left today, and was bummed she just missed you guys!! But maybe one day, when you are in LA to stay - whenever that may even be - you can meet her, she's as lovely as you two. Except you two are more lovely, because you are, in fact, two peoples; and that doubles the amount of lovely, of course.

Keep posting as much as possible, pleasssse! And be careful!!!

J. Koonce said...

i like the one with ted with the arret sign.